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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MS-Senate Race: The Nose Test Knows Best

by Ana Maria

The battle for Trent Lott's seat in the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance of this year's election cycle and with it the mantle of Lott's leadership on all things Katrina--especially Insurance Reform. Last year's tumultuous election for the insurance commissioner position had the 32-year incumbent George Dale screaming all over the place about how hard he had worked on behalf of Mississippi's home owners after Katrina.

Employing the nose test of politics in last year's election, Democratic voters booted out Dale in the primary believing him to be protecting the interests of the insurance industry rather than protecting homeowners. Dale's words and actions didn't mesh. Anyone can talk the talk regarding Katrina recovery and insurance reform, but walking the walk requires passing South Mississippians' nose test.

A few weeks ago, in a piece titled Musgrove’s Ties to Big Insurance Smells to High Heaven, I described the impeccable noses of folks down here in Katrina Land, particularly when it comes to politicians and the insurance industry that continues to betray us.

There is a special word for those who speak empty words and act in ways contrary to their words: hypocrites. With FEMA and the insurance industry pulling the wool over our eyes within the last few years down here in Katrina Land, we don’t take kindly to hypocrites—particularly of the political persuasion. And we can sure smell 'em a mile or two away. That fishiness is something that . . . cologne cannot cover.
This week, we got confirmation on the accuracy of our political nose test.
Former Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale has joined former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Robert Wooley on the lobbying staff of the law firm of Adams & Reese LLP, further developing the firm's insurance regulation specialty.

In other words, George Dale is a lobbyist for a law firm that represents insurance companies. Ahhh, the sweet smell of validation.

MS-Senate Race: The Nose Test Knows Best
Electing the candidate who will replace Senator Trent Lott requires us to employ once again the nose test of politics. South Mississippi remains in steady--but extremely s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w--recovery mode. Purely and simply, the insurance industry betrayed us with denying legitimate wind claims, not paying for cost-of-living-expenses while our homes were being rebuilt, then jacking up premiums beyond the point of no longer being affordable for average South Mississippi families and business owners. Watch the short videos of Hancock County Executive Director Tish Haas, Hancock Bank Chairman George Schloegel, and others as they describe the incredible hardship that the insurance industry has imposed on South Mississippi families and businesses.

In Musgrove’s Ties to Big Insurance Smells to High Heaven, I wrote
When it comes to seeing clearly the insurance industry’s responsibility in creating the economic devastation it caused South Mississippi’s Katrina-ravaged home and business owners, former Governor Ronnie Musgrove can’t see past the end of his paycheck. Since July 2004, Musgrove has been on the payroll of the law firm Copeland, Cook, Taylor & Bush, the same law firm that Gulf Coast News reported “is involved what with almost every Mississippi insurance case.” And not on the side of home and business owners, either.

Greg Copeland, the firm's founding member, is “ a longtime lobbyist for the insurance industry” . . . and the attorney for the American Insurance Association . . . and State Farm . . . and the recently ousted state insurance commissioner George Dale, who refers to Copeland as a “ good friend.”
Obviously, Musgrove has conflicts of interest that won't pass South Mississippi's smell test on Insurance Reform and Katrina.

His republican buddy and former roommate, Interim Senator Roger Wicker won't pass the smell test either when it comes to veterans issues, another HUGE issue here in South Mississippi and throughout the rest of the state as well. Every time an insurance company refused to pay or paid pennies on the dollar to a home or business owner, chances are rather high that the insurance company was betraying a family member of a vet . . . if not the vets themselves. Wicker's congressional voting record on key votes from the Disabled American Veterans shows the kind of man Wicker is when it comes to standing up for our men and women in uniform.
In 2006 alone, the DAV gave Wicker a 50% rating. In 2005, the DAV rated Wicker with a whopping goose egg-->0%. In 2004, the DAV rated Wicker with another whopping goose egg-->0%. In 2003, the DAV rated Wicker . . . with another goose egg-->0%!!!
Since writing that in MS Senate race holds Katrina Recovery, Insurance Reform Future, I have found that the DAV rated Wicker with another goose egg in . . . 2002. WOW! Four years in a row from 2002 through 2005, Wicker failed to show up for duty on behalf of our disabled veterans. That's not just going AWOL. That's outright desertion, in my book.

By way of contrast, the DAV rated former Congressman Ronnie Shows 100% in 2002, 100% in 2001, and 100% in 2000. Shows is from South Mississippi, so I anticipate that his understanding of the issues facing families and businesses in the wake of Katrina has more of a personal connection than the cold office of his State Farm opponent Mustgo Musgrove. When it comes to disabled vets--be they in South Mississippi or elsewhere in the state, Shows showed up for duty each and every time which is in stark contrast to the deserter on disabled vet issues Interim Senator Wicker.

Katrina recovery, insurance reform, and vets issues are intimately connected for plenty of South Mississippi families, like my own. Count on voters employing the nose test of politics to the upcoming U.S. Senate election to replace Senator Trent Lott who was good on both issues. George Dale can attest to the fact that South Mississippi voters, in particular, can sniff out hypocrites far and wide . . . and vote for their opponent.

© 2008 Ana Maria Rosato. All rights reserved.
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Coastal Cowboy said...

Great post there pardner. Ronnie Musgrove is a crook in a Gucci suit from way far back. When he ain't trying to screw coasties out of insurance money that is rightfully theirs for his paymasters in big insurance he is plottin' how to "sell" government appointments.

We need to toss this piece of human pig shit to the curb once and for all pardners. ;-)

Chuck said...

Ya'll are in luck!!

NRSC loves you Ana!!

Ana Maria said...

Coastal Cowboy!

I love your stuff, pardner! Thanks for reading my blog. You're a doll. Come on down here to the coast and play with us for Mardi Gras. ;)

- am

Ana Maria said...


Lots of folks love me, honey. I'm adorable, don't 'cha know?! ;)

- am

Sop811 said...

Chuck AM calls this like she sees it. I'd love to vote D but the big D we've been given is also a big time Dud whose name is Ronnie Musgrove.

Am this is the link to the ALL board. Congrats on picking up that Picayune story a day before the rest of us.

Coastal Cowboy had some choice words for certain politicians in his last post there. Jeez Louise he is tough.

Jim Hood is taking on State Farm again - great news.


redwood201 said...

A.M., I love how you totally ignored the youtube video of your progressive leader in the Senate (link here). Please comment on it. I'm begging you. A progressive praising Wicker's work for veterans. Like I've said before, Wicker is a veteran. He served several years, and he was in the reserves for quite some time, too. These are baseless claims you are making.

Ana Maria said...

You know, you really must love me a great deal. You insist on reading the same hyperlinked-based documentation over and over and over again. I'm beginning to wonder whether you may have a comprehension problem OR perhaps you know a few of your friends have a reading comprehension challenge and need to repetition. So, you come here and type a comment for them to read and for me to provide--again--exquisite documentation to back up.

Then, you pop over to another of my extremely well-documented pieces and post a comment with the same garbled silly goofy stuff. That prompts me to also cut and paste my previous response to the prior comment elsewhere. OK, dahlin', here goes for the sake of assisting the reading comprehension challenged among us.

Oh goodness, gracious. Surely you are a lot smarter than your public comments reveal. As a courtesy, I'll break it down for you n-i-c-e and s--l--o--w. ;)

In each of the following sentences, simply click on the hyperlinked words (hint: they are the ones that are the color blue.) and you will be taken to a Disabled American Veterans page that lists the federal legislators by name (hint: look for the name "Wicker").

With each of the hyperlinks that you click, locate the name "Wicker" and look to the right of it and you will see a number indicating the percentage of the time that Wicker showed up for duty to support our men and women in uniform who are disabled veterans. This is the "score" that the Disabled American Veterans has concluded represents the percentage of time that our disabled vets could count on the legislator to support disable vets interests.

In each of the four years listed below: 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005, you will see the percent for Wicker to be . . . drum roll please . . . . . 0%. Go ahead, click and you'll see for your self.

In 2005, the DAV rated Wicker with a whopping goose egg-->0%.

In 2004, the DAV rated Wicker with another whopping goose egg-->0%.

In 2003, the DAV rated Wicker . . . with another goose egg-->0%!!!

In 2002, the DAV rated Wicker with . . . another goose egg-->0%.

If you wish to challenge the Disabled American Vets organization rating of your guy with a big ZERO for a grand total of FOUR years in a row, then please contact that organization directly. Of course, copy me on any written correspondence between you and the DAV concerning this matter in which you challenge the DAV organization. I will happily publish.

redwood201 said...

A.M., you just used a great play out of the liberal playbook:

"People who aren't liberal are idiots" (hence, your directing me how to click a hyperlink).

"People who aren't liberal cannot possibly have any kind of authenticity or intelligence. So you become arrogant and condescending." (i.e. I must have a "reading comprehension challenge").

Is this how you treat average Americans? Do you know what you are doing? If you don't I will tell you in the simplest of terms: you look down on conservatives. You think we are incompetent and incapable.

Stop this nonsense and let's debate in the arena of ideas without attacking one another.

You could start by watching Hary Reid's video and making a comment about it. But, afterall, this is your blog. And you can ignore me. Or, you can meet me at my blog in a short time. I will welcome you at any time to debate me in the arena of ideas, and I promise you I will never insult you for having a different worldview than myself.

Before I go, I will contact the DAV and ask them how they develop their ratings. But shouldn't that be your job as an aspiring blogger who wishes to be respected? I never was ignoring your DAV clam. But to claim someone is against veterans because of one group's ranking seems a bit disingenuous.

Ana Maria said...

Ask vets what they think of any candidate whom the DAV scores 0% four years in a row, and listen to their reaction. Potent.

Chuck said...

WE are still talking about this??
Ana, I am still wondering where Ronnie Shows stands on Vet issues, and you still havent produced documentation to back up your statement about Shows being good on Vet issues.

Vote smart is not the DAV website. The DAV site paints a different picture than the Vote Smart site. You need to link DAV in your blog. Make sure you show how all congressmen voted.

Ana Maria said...

Chuckie, baby!

Oh my. Are you joining your buddy in the reading comprehension deficit category? I fear so. Either that or you're just high maintenance.

I guess it is rather disheartening to defend the indefensible. Ho hum. Still and all, regardless of how often one puts their head in the sand, the Disabled American Veterans organization rated Wicker with the worst of all possible ratings on key legislation FOUR years in a row and has put that information on its website for all to see, information to which I have hyperlinked in this very same blog entry. Caphiche?

Two paragraphs after that comes the information you seek on Shows--a true patriot on whom disabled vets and their families like mine can depend when it comes to voting on key legislation of importance to our disabled veteran family members.

By way of contrast, the DAV rated former Congressman Ronnie Shows 100% in 2002, 100% in 2001 , and 100% in 2000.

Those are the facts according to the Disabled American Veterans organization.

Thanks for the opportunity to once again talk about Wicker having deserted Disabled American Veterans for a FOUR YEAR running streak. Thanks, too, for the opportunity to demonstrate by way of stark contrast that former Congressman Ronnie Shows has a 100% rating when it comes to showing up for duty to these same Disabled American Veterans and their families.

(Are you sure you are not a Shows supporter pretending to be for Wicker? Your comments have ensured that Wicker's desertion record is getting out.)

Chuck said...

DAMN!! You got me again!

Ana Maria said...

All sarcasm aside, Chuckie, your comment has me chuckling in a very good way. Thanks! Have a fantastic, fabulous Friday!


James Polk said...

Brava!, Ana

redwood201 said...

For the record: the DAV doesn't return calls.

Ana Maria said...

Ahhh redwood. I got a call back from the DAV.