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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tales From the Beach:
What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner? Listen to this podcast

Sherry moved to Pass Christian four months before Katrina hit blowing down the home she had just bought. Looking out across the Gulf of Mexico as she lapped up the sun’s rays, Sherry beamed from ear-to-ear with a million dollar smile as she turned her head toward me as I walked along the water’s edge. I love lapping up the energy of this beach.

Sherry’s smile so warmed me, I asked, “Do I know you?” “No.” she replied sweetly.

I stuck out my hand and immediately introduced myself. She followed suit. I listened to her story of how four months before Katrina, she came to live in “the Pass”—yep, that’s what we locals call Pass Christian, Miss., one of three tiny beach towns that comprises Katrina's Ground Zero. She told me what had happened to someone she knew. This is one of the more hilarious Katrina stories I’ve heard yet. So here goes.

During the storm, one of the walls had apparently blown out, and the family’s refrigerator was swept away with the water. A little while later, another refrigerator floated into the family’s kitchen and stayed when the water receded. It just propped itself in their home.

What did this family do?

Hungry and weary from going through the worst natural disaster of our nation’s history, looking around at the rubble of their home and possessions without electricity or running water,they looked inside the frig for something to eat. Lord knows that whatever was in the new refrigerator was simply going to have to do.

What did they find? Filet mignon!

Were they ever thrilled! The food in the new frig was a whole lot better than the food Katrina carried away in their own refrigerator. What did they do? This family did what any self-respecting hurricane survivors would do.

They fired up the grill and ate most fabulously for days on end. Mmmmm. Mmm. Filet mignon. That’s what’s for dinner.

Note: As a fish-a-tarian, even I can appreciate the humor in this. ;)

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