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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Welcome to A.M. in the Morning!

Glad you stopped by to take a peak around A.M. in the Morning! You'll find several more-than-a-coffee-cup's worth of material. For a quick introduction into why the rebuilding efforts are soooo s-l-o-w, click on the three YouTube videos.

In two videos, Congressman Gene Taylor and Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood are testifying before a Congressional Committee on the way in which the insurance giants like State Farm and Allstate are ravaging the Gulf Coast residents through their deceptive claims adjustment practices.

A third video is of Taylor giving Georgia Republican Congressman Tom Price, a schill and mouthpiece for the Bush Administration, a blistering response to Price's indecent proposal to require the devastated area to come up with matching funds before the White House will provide assistance. Guess Price thought pouring salt in those Katrina wounds was charitable. Watch this video for an amazing education on Bush's compassionless congressional cronies.

Both Taylor and Hood are great Democrats doing what good Democrats do well: fighting for the dignity of their constituents and fairness of public policies. So grab something drink and a bite to eat. Sit down in a comfortable chair. Enjoy yourself as you peruse the reading, visual, and audio material. If you care to comment on the blog entries, be my guest. The same hospitality goes for emailing me.

Rather often, I'll be cookin' up something divinely decadent, so sign up for an email subscription. I want you to enjoy the delicacies at their best while they are piping hot!

See ya laytah!

Ana Maria
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