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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Flash Animations: Before and After Katrina Pictures

The Sun-Herald's flash animations of Before and After Katrina Pictures of homes and businesses along the three Mississippi coastline counties: Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson. Also included are photos from counties and cities inland from the Gulf Coast. Dramatic. Breath taking. Imagine these to be your homes and businesses.

Then, imagine your home owner's insurance company telling you that it won't pay a penny on the wind coverage for which you've been loyally and faithfully paying your premiums.

Then, imagine yourself standing in front of the rubble you had called home just the day before. Some "helpful" FEMA bureaucrat comes up to you and gives you a FEMA phone number and website address . . . that you cannot use because Bush's Administration has not installed an emergency communication system for times just like these--real emergencies. The bureaucrat doesn't apologize for the obviously insensitive, out-of-touch assignment that he or she is carrying out on behalf of Bush's FEMA .

What a waste of time and money that could have been used to carrying out what everyday Americans--regardless of political party or religion or color of hair, regardless of education or employment status or age or whathaveyou--expect when a major catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina comes barrelling uninvited into our lives.

Welcome to post-Katrina Land!

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