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Monday, July 30, 2007

Gary Anderson's Powerful Pocketbook Primary Ad

by Ana Maria

There is great cause for hope. Gary Anderson, an African-American male who got his master's at Ole Miss--the state university that had to be forced to intergrate many decades ago, is on the cusp of winning against George Dale, a good ol' boy who has come to symbolize the corporate greed of the insurance industry he is supposed to regulate.

The Clarion Ledger's Red/Blue Blog just released poll numbers with Anderson leading Dale by 33-28 margin. Clearly with some work from this moment until the polls close August 7th, Anderson can win.

This is positive and uplifting news on a number of planes. First, it is terrific to be able to defeat a man (George Dale) who betrayed the families and businesses that took a beating in Katrina and another at the hands of the insurance industry. Secondly, it is terrific that here in Mississippi where racism has been so central, so prominent in the culture, that an African American man can be within striking distance of this kind of electoral win.

Third, to have a man of integrity--an African American man of integrity who was born, raised, and educated here inside of this state--to come within striking distance of putting the nail in the coffin of greed is a gloriously uplifting event, indeed.

As we move toward all of our numerous political goals, it will do us quite a bit of good to keep our eye on the goal as we move the ball down the field one play at a time understanding what every football player (and fan) understands quite well. Every sweet victory comes with understanding the fundamental nature of the game to be a contact sport. And so it is with politics.

This campaign is an example of where the rubber meets the road, where we can be part of the solution. That is what each of us really seeks--to be part of the solution., to make a difference. You know what to do.

Suiting up to play the game to win includes several options. Contributing a few dollars into Gary Anderson's campaign, volunteering with the campaign--maybe phone banking long distance if he campaign is dong that, and voting for him are all steps that can be taken to be part of a solution to the problem with George Dale's cozy relationship with the insurance industry that has ravaged the coast in ways beyond what Katrina did.

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