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Friday, July 20, 2007

Ice stored in Memphis for hurricane Katrina victims is thrown away

Memphis, TN- The images are hard to forget. Thousands of people stranded in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Hot, hungry, thirsty and looking for a way out. But, there was help ready to go here in Memphis. Who can forget the hundreds of tractor trailers carrying supplies like water and ice sitting idle at the Defense Depot. That ice never made it where it was needed most.

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After not being able to get answers from the company or FEMA, we called Congressman Steve Cohen who met us at the warehouse to see for himself. Cohe said "first impression it looks like a mistake and poor management by fema." The Congressman pulled out his blackberry cellphone and called the person in charge of governement relations for Americold, but their answers were pretty cold. He asked them, "this is government ice? It says FEMA National Finance Center. Who's telling you you can't comment. Miss. Matthews. Miss matthews can't comment." But this icy problem in Memphis could be heating up in the months ahead for FEMA, as congress puts the agency on the hot seat again during subcommittee meetings planned for August in New Orleans. Senartor Cohen said "we've been paying for storage paying for ice and we dump it. People in Memphis has needs, the Federal Government has need and this is irresponsible." Two years ago, some of this ice travelled through many states while FEMA tried to route it to New Orleans where it was needed. It ended up here in Memphis. the problem slowly melting away. [Emphasis added.]

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