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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Over Dale: Commercial by Mississippians for Fair Elections

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Anonymous said...

So what is Gary Anderson going to do when Dickie Scruggs' money runs out? Maybe I'm old school, but I will never vote for a candidate who doesn't base his campaign on his experience and accomplishments but on negative statments about his opponent.

Ana Maria said...

Gary Anderson is raising money on his own merits, his own integrity.

The questions for you, my anonymous friend, are these.

Why is George Dale running away from his post-Katrina record?

Why is George Dale essentially saying that the 55% of Americans who live, work, and worship within 50 miles of our nation's beautiful and spectacular coastline deserve all the Katrina's that Mother Nature can dish out?

Why is George Dale defending the insurance industry he is supposed to be regulating on behalf of the people of Mississippi?

Why did George Dale fail to vociferously, aggressively, and faithfully advocate in a successful manner on behalf of the families and business owners who had religiously paid their insurance premiums only to be screwed over by various companies that refused to honor their contracts?

Why are you hiding behind an anonymity rather than boldly standing by your man, George, for all the world to see? Come on. George is a coward. I chose to believe that you are far braver than he. ;)