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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Scruggs' Statement Responding to State Farm’s Latest Salvo

From the Scruggs Katrina Group's website.

State Farm, desperate to shake the dark cloud permanently affixed to their reputation has taken another pass at us. This time they’ve re-released a two-week-old statement penned by the Washington Legal Fund, in an attempt to undermine our efforts on behalf of the families of Mississippi.

While it is tempting to re-release our two-week-old announcement that we filed over 20 counts of RICO charges against State Farm and over 200 additional lawsuits against them on behalf of Mississippi families, brimming with evidence of how “the good neighbor” has systematically defrauded policy holders, we won’t.

Instead we will simply say, we welcome any investigation into the matter of Katrina-related insurance litigation. Bring it on. We know who is hiding the truth. We know who hopes to bury that truth in litigation. Every member of the Scruggs Katrina Group and our clients call on the courts and the US Department of Justice to fully investigate all charges related to insurance industry corruption post Katrina. Unlike State Farm we won’t be taking the Fifth.


For more information on the Scruggs Katrina Group's RICO lawsuit, see State Farm, Partners, and RICO: What a Racket! Former Mississippi Attorney General explains well the RICO lawsuit that the Scruggs Katrina Group has filed against State Farm.

Watch the video: Hi-Res Lo-Res
Former Attorney General Mike Moore Explains the RICO Case on WLOX's This Week.

Court Documents: Shows vs. State Farm
Original Complaint (PDF) Exhibits (PDF)
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