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Thursday, September 27, 2007

BIG Katrina Recovery Bill on House Floor Today

by Ana Maria

Today’s the big day we’ve been waiting for. Congress will consider the bill that includes the multiple peril policy, a policy that will finally give American home and business owners ONE insurance policy for both wind and flood. No private insurance company has offered such a financial security product since the 1960’s. The Multiple Peril Insurance policy is part of H.R. 3121. When it gets to the floor, a flurry of amendments will be offered.

The easiest way to wade through them is to follow Taylor’s lead. He votes for something, then it’s good. He votes against it, then it isn’t.

Today is the final day to contact our congressional representatives. Please call now. Calling is all we have time to do to have an impact this day. Go here to find the office phone number for your congressional representative. To be really timely, please call the DC office.

When you call, please ask the congressional staff member to pass along this message.

I support H.R. 3121. It is a great way to help restore the financing of the Gulf Coast, a great way to provide financial security for all American home and business owners for whom both wind and flood damage may be a problem.

Please ask Representative (your congressional rep’s name here) to vote for H.R. 3121 today AND to vote for the amendments that Mississippi Gulf Coast Congressman Gene Taylor votes for. Just take his lead and that will be great with me!

Thank you for listening. Have a good day!
That’s it! If your representative is a Democrat, you may tell them to vote with the Caucus recommendations. If your representative is a Republican, you may request that he or she simply follow Congressman Taylor’s lead. That will do the job.

This is a bread and butter issue for home and business owners. It is important to the entire Katrina ravaged region. It is important for the folks from Brooklyn, New York, whose home owner policies—which do NOT cover flood AND wind in one policy—are being cancelled because Big Insurance is getting out of the business. It is important for those in California who have fewer and fewer choices with homeowner insurance carriers—none of whom provide a single policy for both wind and flood.

Thank you for your ongoing support, your calls, your emails, and . . . reading my pieces.

Yes ma’am and yes sir. Today’s political hell raising involves burning up those phone lines! Today’s the day we see the results of our political hell raising throughout the past few months. May we have a great deal to celebrate by the evening!

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