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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mississippi resident still recovering from Hurricane Katrina

September 11, 2007

Two years have passed since Hurricane Katrina stormed ashore along the Gulf Coast. The recovery is still a work in process in places like Gulfport, Mississippi.

Katrina claimed fourteen lives in Gulfport. The high winds and storm surge destroyed 3,500 homes in the city. It also caused severe damage to 5,000 more. The clean up alone has cost more than $76 million.

When we last saw Jack Bethea, he was picking through the rubble of his home. He was also waiting for his FEMA trailer to arrive. Today, Bethea is still living in that FEMA trailer. But he is renovating a home his mother once lived in.

He is grateful for the volunteers from other states who have made it possible. "It's been, as you know, two years. Things have been slower than we anticipated and hoped for, but you know you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now," says Bethea. He says his spirits are good. He hopes to move into his house by Thanksgiving.

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