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Friday, September 14, 2007

Speaking from the Heart: CNN's Kathleen Koch

by Ana Maria

Below is a fantastic interview between Kevin Davis and CNN's Kathleen Koch, a White House and Pentagon correspondent, while she was on location in Bay St. Louis, Miss., for Katrina's second anniversary. Kathleen grew up in Bay St. Louis, and I'm happy to disclose that she and I went to high school together. Both of us also attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she has been honored for her extraordinary post-Katrina documentaries.

While covering the anniversary events, I had the fortune to reunite with my great friend Kathleen while I was tooling around town with Kevin Davis, a production assistant at an ABC affiliate in Santa Barbara , California.

Kevin traveled to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to discover little-known and important Katrina stories. He teamed up with yours truly to explore, among other issues, how the insurance companies have played a major role in preventing its policyholders from rebuilding their homes, their lives, and their communities.

Kathleen graciously agreed to speak on camera regarding her experience in covering Katrina in her hometown, which is my hometown. Her words about growing up here, her strong connection to the community, and her desire to do all that she can do to rebuild resonate with the hearts of all of us who have grown up here and have found ourselves returning to the area at this critical juncture of a place we call home.

Kevin Davis works for KEYT -TV, an ABC affiliate in Santa Barbara, CA, and is currently looking for his first reporting job. Kevin can be reached at 925-788-1803 and

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