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Friday, October 26, 2007

Anderson Accuses Chaney of Pocketing Big Insurance Contributions

Jackson 10/25/07

by Jon Kalahar

Both candidates for insurance commissioner agree this is the most important race coming up in the November general election. Gary Anderson and Mike Chaney each believe they're the one to lower insurance rates and generate more economic growth in the state.

But there's plenty they disagree on. The issue of campaign contributions is again at the forefront. Should an official who will regulate insurance in Mississippi be allowed to accept contributions from insurance agents and companies?

Gary Anderson says no. Mike Chaney says there are more important issues facing the state.

Gary Anderson blasted Mike Chaney for his alleged ties to big insurance.

"A lap dog for big insurance isn't protecting your pocket books. This will lead to higher insurance rates for all of us," said Anderson.

But Chaney isn't trying to hide the fact he has accepted money from insurance agents and companies.

"I will take money from independent agents all day and I'll take it from domestic companies. I do not take money from large, big insurance companies," said Chaney.

Anderson believes by accepting those contributions Chaney is more susceptible to favoring those contributors rather than running the department of insurance independent of outside influences.

"I call on Chaney to return every dime of the insurance money that he's taken, over 70 thousand dollars. I call on him to return that money and come clean," said Anderson.

Chaney says he will do no such thing.

"Will you return the money you get from insurance agents, and I said, ' When pigs fly.' ," said Chaney.

Are voters concerned who contributes to either campaign? Ole Miss professor, Larry Cox says there are definitely bigger issues that need to be addressed.

"I certainly think the nitty gritty of straightening out the markets of the coast as best they can and again attracting new competition will provide us with the most competitive rates are by far and away the most important issues," said Cox.

Finding ways to bring in more insurance companies into the state seems to be the key to lowering rates for Mississippians. Gary Anderson favors cracking down on waste and insurance fraud. While Mike Chaney says to increase economic progress, the state needs available, affordable and accountable insurance.
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KingMaker said...

We all know Anderson is not really interested in being independent. But, if he where he would return all of the contributions that he's taken from Dicky Scruggs and other trial lawyers. That would encourage Chaney to return the money he's taken from Big, Bad Insurance.

Ana Maria said...

OK you silly one, let's take this one r-e-a-l-l-y s--l--o--w so as not to extend your brain cells too much beyond their obviously teeny, tiny capacity.

Gary Anderson is independent of BIG INSURANCE. Mike "Mini Me" Chaney is in bed with BIG INSURANCE as the industry's perfect lover--always willing to do whatever will please. Of course, Mini Me as much of an unabashed BIG INSURANCE lover as George Dale.

If George Dale, I mean Mike "Mini Me" Chaney gave two rats patoots about protecting Mississippi families and businesses, he would have returned every dime that BIG INSURANCE has provided his campaign. He would do it because it is the honorable thing to do. He would do it because he shared the values of Mississippians. He would do it because he isn't available to be bought and paid for directly by those who would screw over and have screwed over tens of thousands of Mississippi families and businesses.

When it comes to honor and values, Chaney only honors and values Big Insurance and that is why he readily and eagerly takes Big Insurance money. He is for sale and is chomping at the bit to sell out Mississippians for his own ambition and greed.

Thankfully, Mississippi voters have the option of voting for a good, honorable, trustworthy man named Gary Anderson who rightfully states that you can't regulate Big Insurance if you are in the industry's back pocket. Anderson is being kind.

'Mini Me' Chaney, like Dale, can't regulate the industry with whom he is chomping at the bit to be in bed with after the election. Chaney/Dale likes Big Insurance. A lot, if you know what I mean. ;)

KingMaker said...


I know that you feel that you are far superior to me in an intellectual sense and I suppose that you may be. But as someone who works in the financial services industry I will give you a two pieces of advice:

1) Don't think that Financial Services Companies owe Mississippi anything. MS is less than 1% of the insurable property in the US. If Anderson or anyone else tries to be too heavy handed with insurance companies they will simply leave the state. They don't have to be here. The key to this position is to work towards an equitable and fair situation for both sides. Without insurance companies you won't be able to get insurance. Without a large number of companies with you won't have the competition needed to keep rates low and diversify risk.

I know that all of that is probably too reptilian for your advanced intellect to comprehend, but hey, I try.

2- Buy low and sell high.

Ana Maria said...

Let them leave. We don't need these kind of financial services businesses. By the way, my friends in the independent end of the insurance industry have told me that smaller insurance companies did pay in full on their policyholders' wind claims. My friends and those smaller companies are all in favor of the Multiple Peril Insurance legislation that Congressman Gene Taylor successfully passed in the House of Representatives.

If you had been reading my blog for sometime, you'd understand that what Big Insurance has done inside the Katrina-ravaged region has been done elsewhere in the country.

No one owes the insurance companies a living. The rules for them are changing. For that, I'm grateful.

Financial services area, huh? What exactly do you do? What business do you own?