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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anderson: Chaney Wrong on Right to Vote

Says Insurance Commissioner Should Be Appointed and Not Elected

Anderson Reaffirms His Pledge to Remain Independent of Insurance Interests as Mississippi's Insurance Regulator

Jackson, Mississippi - Insurance Commissioner Candidate Gary Anderson held a press conference at 10:00am at the State Capitol Building. Anderson blasted Mike Chaney for his position on whether the Insurance Commissioner's post should be appointed rather than elected.

On July 26 th at the Neshoba County Fair, Chaney said, "As Commissioner, I will ask the legislature to make the position of Insurance Commissioner appointed and not elected."

On September 17 th , the Commercial Dispatch reported, "a way Chaney sees to make it [insurance] more affordable is to make the Mississippi Insurance Commissioner a position appointed by the Governor rather than elected by voters."

"Mike Chaney wants to take away the right of voters to elect or remove the Insurance Commissioner. He wants to turn over control of the office to big insurance," said Anderson at the press conference. "Here is another example of how Mike Chaney wants to work on the side of big insurance. The people of Mississippi need checks and balances in place; they deserve an Insurance Commissioner working on their side who they can elect or remove. Mike Chaney wants to answer to big insurance instead of to the people."

Anderson also called on his opponent Mike Chaney to come clean with the voters of Mississippi about pocketing over $70,000 in insurance money since he entered the race against Anderson. Chaney's most recent financial disclosure report shows thousands collected from insurance company executives, insurance PACS, insurance agents and insurance companies.

"I have not taken a single dime from insurance companies or any insurance special interests," said Anderson. "Mr. Chaney cannot protect the pocketbooks of the insurance ratepayers if he is taking money from insurance interests. Taking money from an industry you would be responsible to regulate is a direct conflict of interest. I call on Chaney to return every dime and come clean with the people of Mississippi," said Anderson.

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KingMaker said...

So what this says to me is that Anderson will be independent if what any insurance company wants, but he'll gladly do the bidding of the Trial Lawyers who have funded his campaign.

Is it worse to be in the pocket of Big Insurance or Big Legal?

Ana Maria said...

Let's be clear on the question you are posing.

Is it better to do the bidding of Big Insurance whose business is to scam American policyholders of their money pretending to provide financial security yet when the times comes to pay, like a crooked bookie they run and hide . . . OR is it better to work for the policyholders to protect them from Big Insurance Scammers?

When insurance commissioners do the bidding of Big Insurance like George Dale did, someone has to step up to the plate to defend and protect the policyholders, the little guys and gals. that's the role that trial lawyers play. Thank God for them.

Trial lawyers are a blessing to those who must fight Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Government, etc. Trial lawyers are on the side of little guys and gals in the fight against Big Insurance.

George Dale should have been like John Garamendi, the current Lt. Gov of California and immediate past Insurance Commissioner of that big, glorious state where I lived for about 5 years until I returned this year to my birthplace-- Mississippi Gulf Coast, a place that George Dale and his Big Insurance buddies have betrayed with their words and abandoned with their actions.

Fortunately, we live in a fantastic nation where everyday people can hire an attorney to haul to court someone or some corporation whenever a wrongdoing has allegedly occurred. Had George Dale done his job correctly, insurance companies would have paid Mississippi policyholders in toto and en masse. The Gulf Coast economy would be in the middle of a boom rather than its current state of an economic bust and well, Dale would be walking to re-election. Dale didn't, and, as a result, he isn't.

Big Insurance wants their puppets, their comrades. What we have now is Big Insurance pushing for Mike Chaney, their new guy in its pocket, and of course, their man for Attorney General is Al Hopkins--another Republican crony for Corrupt Corporations.

To be on the side of the little guys and gals in Mississippi's race for insurance commissioner is to be for Gary Anderson. I am not only on the side of the little guys and gals, and I am definitely FOR Gary Anderson.

Let's be clear about another thing. Big Insurance is FUNDING Chaney's campaign directly. And Chaney is proudly bragging about his tainted money, the money from companies that have taken the very breath away from all the Mississippians that had put their own blood, sweat and tears into their families' homes and businesses.

You, you dare come on this site and feign a sincere question about whether Chaney's taking directly into his campaign coffers what is essentially blood money from the men and women whom Big Insurance has betrayed and abandoned?

Big Insurance and Chaney are on the side of deliberately betraying the American women and men who paid their damned premiums--without being taken to court, I remind you--yet have been forced to wait years AND to hire attorneys and engineers to get the check that Big Insurance should have handed them within days.

You hate lawyers? So did Senator Lott until Big Insurance screwed him and his family out of their claims money. But really, if you hate lawyers, here are two pieces of advice.

First of all, work your tail off to elect Gary Anderson for insurance commissioner. He will make Big Insurance play fair and therefore provide less reason for us to hire an attorney and go to court. OR, move to another country where they don't have anyway for the little guy to fight Big Insurance and the rest of 'em. I hear Saudi Arabia is a backwards place in all manner of things that most Americans take for granted such as the ability to question our government or corporations or other big institutions. With your seeming affinity for kings and the like, you may be comfortable there.