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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Insurance Apologists: Loving America, not Americans

by Ana Maria

Sticking his foot down his mouth, George Dale—the soon-to-be former Mississippi Insurance Commissioner proclaimed as D.O.A. in the U.S. Senate the multiple peril insurance policy that Gulf Coast Congressman Gene Taylor (D-MS) successfully led to being overwhelming passed last week with bi-partisan support in the House of Representatives. Since losing the primary election in August to Democratic candidate Gary Anderson, guess George Dale hasn’t gotten any better at telling which way the political winds are blowing.

On the heels of this obviously premature proclamation, U.S. Senators Lott (R-MS) and Cochran (R-MS)came out in favor of addressing the issue. Moreover, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) expressed his support for Taylor’s multiple peril legislation specifically. Yes, ma’am, and yes, sir. We have a live one! Congressional Quarterly reported

At least one influential Senate Democrat wants to see the federal flood insurance program expanded to include wind-damage coverage, setting up a potential clash with Republicans.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., praised the flood insurance overhaul bill (HR 3121) passed last week by the House, noting that it would allow individuals and businesses to purchase wind-damage coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program.

“I believe we should do the same in the Senate, and will work toward that,” Schumer told a Banking committee hearing Tuesday.
For some people, having egg on their faces—as in the case of George Dale—seems to be a regular fashion accessory, kind of goes with the shoe hanging from their mouths. Dale never understood what could be the big deal with families and businesses being financial wiped out by the insurance companies that he and he alone permitted to write worthless policies while these same families and businesses paid good money for the policies Dale authorized to be sold in this state. Fortunately, others do get it.

Senator Schumer
said property and casualty insurers have stopped writing wind-damage policies in many coastal areas, including Long Island.

At the same time, he observed, private insurers largely oppose the House bill for its inclusion of wind in the federal program.

“Gentlemen, ladies — you can’t have it both ways,” Schumer said.
Way to go, Charlie!

With Schumer’s leadership joined with Lott and Cochran, other Senators will join in to provide what Americans—and therefore America—needs for financial security’s sake.

Conveniently enough and as if on cue, Big Insurance and their political apologists like George Dale in the U.S. Senate will be seen waving Old Glory while speaking with patriotic language about God and country as the national anthem plays softly in the background . . . while Big Insurance continues to pick our pockets thereby legally stealing the financial security from our families and businesses.

What is it with politicians and corporations who claim to love America but obviously can’t stand Americans?! Yes, that’s a take off of a line from a character played by Annette Benning slamming Richard Dreyfuss’ conservative senatorial character in one of my all time favorite movies, The American President. The line resonates with such poignancy, doesn’t it?

When it comes to loving America and hating Americans, Senator Schumer himself said it best, “Gentlemen, ladies — you can’t have it both ways.”

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