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Friday, October 05, 2007

Sound Off from the Biloxi, Miss., Sun Herald

. . . the daily newspaper covering the Mississippi Gulf Coast's three counties

Here's an idea

Why can't the multiple-peril insurance program be funded by a 2 or 3 percent federal gas tax applied to every gallon of gas sold within 50 miles of all U.S. coastlines? This tax would be paid for by the natives who would benefit from the insurance as well as the visitors and tourists who enjoy amenities the coasts provide.

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The Sun Herald published this comment on October 5, 2007.

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Ana Maria said...

Yo, mheld,

why don't you actually READ the article to which you are cutting and pasting your comments? since your comment has NOTHING to do with the article or this blog, whamo, baby, you are OUTTA here.

Anonymous said...

Last Thursday, A meeting was held by McKay on the water takeover issue and their dumping pollutants in OUR water etc., as usual, he and Moffett ignored our will, the will of the governed, therefore, they do NOT represent us, rather corrupt corporations and as such I demand they be fired immediately!

Fred Jarrell, Escatawpa