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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Letter to Santa: Bring Mississippi a Mike Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign!

by Ana Maria

With U.S. Senator Trent Lott’s recent unexpected resignation by year’s end, Democrats have a golden opportunity to pick up a seat in one of the reddest of red states here in the Deep South. With Santa in the middle of making his list and checking it twice, here is the letter that A.M. in the Morning! wrote Santa with a very specific request for South Mississippi: a Mike Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign!
Dear Santa,

I know you’re busy, so allow me to be direct. Please bring me a Democratic campaign for U.S. Senate in Mississippi with a candidate who can most easily win the race in 2008. Specifically, Santa, I’m asking you for a Mike Moore for U.S. Senate campaign.

While the Repubs are already acting as if whomever Republican Governor Haley Barbour appoints will automatically be elected, I know that this is simply not the case. Sure, former Republican National Committee Chair and big time former corporate lobbyist Haley Barbour is flirting with the idea of deliberately failing to follow the law requiring a special election within 90 days of Lott’s resignation. Fortunately, the Democrats are already gearing up to bring him to court to force him to follow the law.

So what Democrats need is to field the candidate who can win most easily and who will be the most effective advocate for us once he is in the U.S. Senate. Santa, that means one man: Mike Moore.

Moore has a proven record of consistently winning statewide elections. From 1988-2004, Mississippi voters consistently elected Moore as the state’s Attorney General. He’s a winner at the ballot box—many times over.

Moore’s success in the court room is legendary. In the late 1990’s, PBS featured a story on Moore’s tremendous success in taking on the tobacco industry. He
filed the first state Medicaid law suit against the tobacco industry and flew around the country convincing other state attorneys general to file. He was the primary negotiator in the deal and is the leader of the push for a national tobacco settlement.
Great! That is exactly what we like here in Mississippi: public officials who look after the little people, which means most of us.
FRONTLINE [told] the inside story of how two small-town Mississippi lawyers declared war on Big Tobacco and skillfully pursued a daring new litigation strategy that ultimately brought the industry to the negotiating table. For forty years tobacco companies had won every lawsuit brought against them and never paid out a dime. In 1997 that all changed. The industry agreed to a historic deal to pay $368 billion in health-related damages, tear down billboards and retire Joe Camel.
Moore’s groundbreaking, ingeniously creative way of slaying the tobacco industry dragon is EXACTLY the experience, track record, and skill set we need in the U.S. Senate. This is particularly true for those of us living in South Mississippi, which will continue to be in dire economic straights until we slay the insurance industry dragon.

Moore’s legacy is his strong history of dragon slaying. Appealing to voters in this way generates excitement, a key ingredient to any successful campaign and most especially in a special election!

Slaying the Insurance Dragon: Central to Katrina Recovery
Whoever is elected to fill the seat of outgoing Senator Lott will be a rookie in terms of knowing the intricate ins and outs of the Senate. This is a given. South Mississippians, however, must have in that position someone who walks into office already fluent in insurance reform on his very first day.

Of all the people considering a run for this office, Moore can most easily take up the mantle of pushing for insurance reform in the U.S. Senate. Again using his creative legal mind to thwart the greed of insurance companies, Mike Moore has already been defending the rights of South Mississippi families against these greedy gutted corporate insurance goons who have betrayed and abandoned these Americans.

With that perpetual fire in his belly, Moore knows intimately that insurance reform is central to a full and vibrant Katrina recovery. With Moore in the U.S. Senate, Congressman Gene Taylor will have from the get-go a strong partner in the U.S. Senate where the multiple peril insurance legislation now awaits action.

Katrina Recovery Resonates Personally
With Trent Lott bowing out of office, South Mississippi needs a strong advocate in the U.S. Senate who is already fluent in the ravages of the insurance industry as well as FEMA’s insanity. Moore—like Lott himself—is from Pascagoula, Miss., which is located on the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast. Just as Katrina recovery is a moral and personal issue for me, so it is with Mike Moore.

Santa, Mike Moore can win this. With U.S. Senator Mike Moore, South Mississippi wins. That is the reason for my letter. I look around and see the hardship that the greedy gutted insurance goons have imposed. With Lott no longer in the U.S. Senate, the best present under the tree for South Mississippians as a whole would be fielding Mike Moore as a candidate.

As a token of my appreciation for granting my wish with a Mike Moore Campaign, sweet Santa, I promise that I will bake you those delicious mouth-watering cocoon cookies you like . . . and the cook pralines with lots of pecans and whip up a batch of my divine praline fudge!!

On behalf of South Mississippi families, including my own . . .

Thank you!

© 2007 Ana Maria Rosato. All rights reserved.
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